Giving Back

Joyce Miller
Angie Foster

For Angie Foster, the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced her belief that small-town living means being able to make a difference.

Early on as the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic set in, Foster, a State Farm insurance agent, realized the impact it was having on her clients and the community as a whole.

Although Foster is a native of Licking, she has lived in Rolla since 2002. Foster and her husband both own businesses and are strong supporters of giving back. Being able to make a difference is part of living in a small community, Foster said.

"When we were kids, I’m sure the first thing you wanted to do was move away. Now that we are adults with our own children, knowing your neighbor helps make things simpler. I love small-town living, which is why I love living in Rolla," she said.

Making a difference is what motivates Foster. It goes beyond handling insurance needs and being there when a client needs help. It is about supporting the community.

"I am here to serve as a State Farm agent. I look for ways to not only help the community but also Help Life Go Right for my customers. COVID-19 has increased my awareness of giving back as so many were and still are being affected by this pandemic," Foster said. "I am local, I hire local, I work local, I shop local, I spend local, I support local, I donate local, I eat local, I serve local. When you think about doing business with someone, you should think about where that money ends up. I give back to the people and the community that also supports me. I’m not a 1-800 number you call; I’m a local person you can visit with."

Foster did two COVID-19 community relief events in Rolla - one for Dairy Queen, which was $1,000 in FREE food. Another was with Just Delicious and $500 in FREE coffee. These events were meant to give back to the community and help soften the blow of many affected by COVID-19. Foster said both events were successful and for those who participated were a happy surprise.

Foster didn't set out with the goal of becoming an insurance agent, but as sometimes happens, a change in course turns out to be a new path to success.

In 2009, the banking industry had a shift due to the economic crisis of 2008. It was at that time Foster decided to end her banking career. She left in July and was approached with an employment opportunity under State Farm agent, Kirk Buhr. A decade later, Foster continues to enjoy the challenges and relationships she builds working in the insurance industry.

"My job is dependent upon the relationships I build, and my team members build with our customers. If we aren’t able to talk about where they are today, where they want to be, and the gaps or concerns that could keep them from attaining their future goals-I wouldn’t be a pro-active agent. Insurance is about being pro-active, not reactive," she said.

"Besides getting to know people, I honestly enjoy being there during a time they never thought would occur. That’s life-changing not only for them but for their future. That’s motivating to me to be able to affect their lives and the lives of generations to come," she added.

Outside of work, Foster enjoys spending time with friends and family, and she loves to travel and has missed being able to do that due to the impact of COVID-19.