Jim Reck: “Bowl Me Over” Column

Jim Reck
The 2021-2022 Fall and Spring Leagues at Coachlite Lanes with their day, time and type of league.

THURSDAY MIXED – Michelle Kohenskey 176(478); Nate Millburg 265(677); Jerry Wilson 279(669); Daniel Kohenskey 234(664); Cody Wilson 230(662); Lee Briscoe 248(649); Rodney Thompson 255(646); Jake Kircher 236(595); David Wilson 211(593)

Congratulations to Ev’s Pro Shop for taking 1st place!

300 GAME (Non Sanctioned) – A total of (10) perfect, non-sanctioned, games have been bowled at Coachlite Lanes since the start of the 2008-2009 season.

LADIES 600 SERIES (Non Sanctioned) – Karen Rosenburg 248(654) The ladies have bowled 6 non-sanctioned 600 series so far this season.

MENS 700 SERIES (Non-Sanctioned) – David Rosenburg 289(726) The men have bowled 10 non-sanctioned 700 series so far this season.

ELEVEN IN A ROW – David Rosenburg started his 2nd game with 11 strikes in a row but left a pesky 8 pin on his 12th ball for a nice 289 game.