Letter to the Editor: Local Healthcare Workers

Allison Bruno, Secretary, Rolla Church of Christ

Dear Rolla,

If the medical team of the Covid-19 vaccination clinic being held at the Rolla Church of Christ is any indication of our local health care workers, I can attest that our community is in good hands. I am merely an observer, as I sit in the secretary’s chair at the church, but the interactions I have witnessed show that these healthcare heroes deeply care about each of us. They have gracefully handled the headache of needed but irritating paperwork, frustrated patients, and endless routines. In between patient check-ins and post vaccine care, they have managed to restock toilet paper, mop floors, and take out the trash. Meals and personal breaks and even “time off” often get skipped in order to keep serving the public. Even though everyone is masked, their smiling eyes still bring back a bit of the warmth of “human touch” in this crazy world that Covid has turned cold. Thank you, Preston, Bobbie, Marji, and all the others! We appreciate all you have done and continue to do to help our community.

- Allison Bruno, Secretary, Rolla Church of Christ