Attorney general candidate pays delinquent taxes, stays eligible for office

Austin Huguelet
Rich Finneran is the Democratic Candidate for Missouri Attorney General this fall.

Rich Finneran, a former federal prosecutor challenging incumbent Republican Eric Schmitt, had not paid $837 in 2019 personal property taxes on two Acuras and associated fees to St. Louis County as of Tuesday evening.

State law requires candidates for elected public office to be current on personal property taxes, state income taxes, municipal taxes, and real property taxes on their home when they file to run.

Otherwise, they can be “disqualified from participation” in the election.

A reporter contacted Finneran asking about the unpaid taxes Tuesday following a basic background check into candidates on the November ballot.

Finneran said he would pay them as soon as possible; St. Louis County records show his personal property taxes for 2019 and 2020 were paid Thursday.