University of Missouri Extension recognizes Maries County residents

Wesley Moore

The Leaders Honor Roll award recognizes local county citizens who stand out as community leaders and who have championed Extension, 4-H, and the work of Extension colleagues to bring awareness to Maries county. 

This award is decided by the local MU Extension Office and recognizes these leaders as the best example of what is means to support MU Extension and 4H. Maries county CES, Kelsie Lineback commented to say “without these individuals, extension could not be nearly as successful as it is. We are appreciative of our community’s support and encouragement.”

The 2020 awardees for Maries county are Wesley Moore and Dr. Lenice Basham, both of Belle. Wesley and Cargill Nutrition are great supporters of Maries County Extension programming efforts as Wesley has presented at several Beef Dinners in both Belle and Vienna on behalf of Maries County Extension. Wesley is always quick to volunteer his time and assist with agriculture and livestock education. The other recipient, Dr. Lenice Basham is also an active supporter of the local community and Extension programming by working closely with the nutrition and education department of Extension programming efforts. Dr. Basham is always open to Extension programming and involvement with Maries county youth.

Dr. Lenice Basham