Health Department reports 522 active COVID-19 cases in Phelps County

Lori Amos
The Rolla Daily News

The Phelps Maries County Health Department on Monday reported 522 active COVID-19 cases in Phelps County and confirmed that 35 people have now died from COVID-19 in the area. 

As of 5 p.m. Monday, the department reported 1,200 people previously quarantined have now been released from isolation. 

In neighboring Maries County, the department reported 67 active COVID-19 cases. The health department reported a total of four deaths from COVID-19 in Maries County and said 332 people have now been released from mandatory quarantine. 

Meanwhile, the health department on Nov. 12 said information on the number of hospitalized individuals would not be included in the department’s COVID-19 reports.

The department said obtaining accurate information is no longer possible as residents are hospitalized at healthcare facilities around the state.

“As more testing sites become available, we are encountering difficulties obtaining all necessary information to case investigate. More test results are coming in with only the individual’s name and no contact information,” the department said. “We have also had an increasing amount of individuals reaching out to us with their positive test result that was never reported to the local or state health department. We are working with these sites and DHSS to bring these sites into compliance with reporting requirements.”