Missouri State Highway Patrol creates Show-Me Integrity portal for residents

FILE - Troop I Headquarters, 1301 Nagogami Road, in Rolla.

Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, invited the public on Monday to visit the agency's recently created Show-Me Integrity portal. Accessed through the patrol's website, visitors get an unprecedented look inside the patrol.

"We know that accreditation, core values, community policing, service, and protection are only words until you see how we apply them every day during every contact," Olson said. "Our Show-Me Integrity portal provides insight into policies, training, and important functions, as well as related statistics. Please visit the portal and learn more about your Missouri State Highway Patrol."

The public can find the portal by clicking on the “Show-Me Integrity” portal icon in the middle of the highway patrol’s home page at https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/MSHPWeb/Root/index.html. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Show-Me Integrity portal areas cover:

Traffic Crashes

Residents will find statistics about traffic crashes in Missouri along with links to request a crash report or submit a custodian of records request.

Use of Force

What is 'use of force?' This area includes the answer to that question as stated in the Patrol's General Orders, and provides statistics and analysis.


The patrol trains troopers to terminate a pursuit if the risk associated with continuing a pursuit outweighs the need to immediately apprehend a suspect. Within this area, statistics and analysis specific to pursuits involving members of the patrol are made available. Supervisors review every pursuit and the patrol utilizes a pursuit review board.

Traffic Stops

Statistics regarding traffic stops conducted by troopers are provided. 


What does it take to be a trooper? In this area, the public will learn about qualifications and training. In addition to recruit training, the patrol's law enforcement academy offers a wide variety of courses to patrol and non-patrol employees.


The public will find information on the highway patrol’s community outreach, such as how troopers conduct hundreds of school walk-throughs each year where students interact with them and learn important safety lessons.


This area covers accreditation, strategic planning and agency policy. All employees of the patrol must strictly adhere to over 194 general orders outlining the patrol's standards for professional conduct.


Patrol employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally and live by the agency's core values. This section explains the purpose of the patrol's professional standards division regarding allegations of misconduct. Each concern or complaint is logged, tracked and given a final disposition. The public may communicate concerns or commend Patrol employees through the Professional Standards Division Complaint/Commendation Portal.


Along with the career of trooper, there are 119 civilian job classifications at the patrol. That is a lot of career and networking opportunities.! This area will give visitors a glimpse.

"I hope the Show-Me Integrity portal conveys to you the high standards our employees meet as they perform their duties," Olson said. "We are proud to serve you with integrity, responsibility, respect, professionalism, compassion, resourcefulness, character, and commitment."