Scholarships impact Phelps Health employees

Paige Marsolais-Heitman
Phelps Health
Mechelle Grumney is one of many Phelps Health employees who have benefitted from an Auxiliary scholarship.

Funds received through the Lily Pad Gift Shop, the Repeat Boutique, Lemon Tree Grill, commissions from beverage and vending machines, and annual fundraisers and fairs help support the Auxiliary scholarship program.

To apply for one of the several $2,000 Auxiliary scholarships awarded each year, students complete an application process that includes providing reference letters and a copy of their academic grades. 

Sharla York, a recent scholarship recipient and an X-ray technician at Phelps Health, said the scholarship process was well worth the time and energy it took to submit her application. 

“I’ve been fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Auxiliary two years in a row,” said York, who is currently in her fourth year of nursing school. “The scholarships were a blessing in disguise. When I made the decision to go to nursing school and was accepted, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with twins. The scholarships took a lot of pressure off of my family so that we could focus on being together and getting me through school.” 

When York found out she was a recipient of an Auxiliary scholarship, she described feeling relieved, excited and honored to be able to pursue her dreams of attending nursing school. “Going to nursing school was a goal of mine because of the incredible experience I had with my first-born, who was born prematurely,” said York. “The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses were my greatest support system during a difficult time in my life, and I figured the best way to repay the kindness given to me was to become a nurse myself. I want to not only be the nurse who takes care of a patient’s loved one, but also be the support person who is there to provide guidance and reassurance.”

Filling a Need

Another Phelps Health employee, Mechelle Grumney, also has been positively impacted by receiving an Auxiliary scholarship. 

“Not only was I a recipient of an Auxiliary scholarship, but I also utilized the Phelps Health tuition reimbursement program to help pay for my ultrasound technician program,” said Grumney. “Phelps Health paid for my entire program, and I am grateful for that.” 

Grumney, who has been an X-ray technician at Phelps Health for 15 years, said she saw a great need in her department and wanted to advance her education to fill that need. “The scholarship I received from the Auxiliary made me feel that the hospital believed in me and my education. Receiving a scholarship made me feel like they [Phelps Health] saw me as somebody dedicated to the organization.” 

Reflecting on her years with Phelps Health, Grumney shared how much she has enjoyed working at the hospital because of the support she has been given. “Phelps Health has believed in and encouraged me to do what I loved doing, which is helping patients,” said Grumney. “Patient care is a top priority for me, and the organization supports that in every way they can.” 

The application period for Auxiliary and Volunteer Services scholarships is currently open through Oct. 23, 2020. Visit for more information.  

Phelps Health employee Sharla York has received two Auxiliary and Volunteer Services scholarships to help further her education.