Wyman Elementary School staff member tests positive for COVID-19

Lori Amos
The Rolla Daily News

Rolla 31 School District Superintendent Craig Hounsom said one of the district’s staff members at Wyman Elementary School has tested positive for COVID-19.

Hounsom said the Phelps Maries County Health Department on Friday notified students, student’s families and other staff members who had been in contact with the individual. 

The district is working closely with the health department to assist with contact tracing and has been advised that a full building closure is not necessary, Hounsom said in a release on Friday.

Moving forward, Hounsom said in an effort to focus communications surrounding COVID-19 cases, the district will notify only those in the same building as an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The district has placed a dashboard on its website, where residents can view reporting information for the entire district. The district will not identify individuals on the dashboard to respect privacy and personal information. 

"As with controlling the spread of other viruses, we urge everyone to take preventive measures and monitor for symptoms daily. More information on our guidelines can be found on our website at rolla31.org," Hounsom said. "It is truly a community effort to minimize the spread of the virus and help us keep our schools safe, healthy, and open."