Letter to the Editor: Lack of the American Flag in Rolla

Glenn Gibson
SCRVG Chairman
The Rolla Daily News

This 4th of July weekend as I drove through Rolla and went down Pine street I certainly noticed the lack of something, that something was the American flag. Circling through a time or to I counted no less than seven places where pipes for flags were mounted to light poles but yet not a single American flag.

It could be up to the city to put them up or for the businesses along Pine Street to put them up but someone should have displayed them. America celebrated its 244th birthday this weekend and with all this chaos going on the country today I think its important to remember that we are all Americans. We should display that flag and be proud of it waving in the breeze.

It's funny, whenever you see a small town in a commercial or in a movie you see American flags flying up and down the street (many of you are picturing that in your head right now).  But right here in our small town we don’t see it. Pine Street is like our main street. That is where all the events happen in Rolla, that is where Summerfest will happen this weekend. When 9/11 happened, you could hardly get an American flag at the store because every place was sold out because everyone wanted to show their pride. We should always show our pride in being an American. We should always fly the American flag outside our home, outside our businesses and where ever else we can fly them. 

I am not saying that people don’t fly them, because I do, and so does every Veteran that I know. But I don’t think that as many people fly the stars and stripes as there used to be. So I challenge you, if you don’t have an American flag at your home or at your business, go and get one.  Right here in Phelps County there are two stores dedicated solely to selling flags, let alone the big box stores that sell them.  

Summerfest is this Friday and Saturday, lets see American flags all up and down Pine Street. Let’s show our American pride. Not just this weekend but every day.