Road work ahead for Phelps, Pulaski counties

The Rolla Daily News

Projects include the ten-day rehabilitation project on the Route H bridge in Waynesville. The work will close the bridge each night between 7 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. for two weeks. I-44 traffic will be diverted to the exit and entrance ramps at mile marker 156 during the closure. 

Work will take place during the entire week, according to the department. Weather conditions may postpone the work schedule.

Phelps County

Overnight Hours

— Interstate 44 between Route 63 and Route C – Concrete pavement repair in the westbound lanes.

Daylight hours

— Route B at Sidney Street – Culvert pipe replacement.

— Route C between Route T and County Road 8490 – Pavement patching.

— Route T between Route C and Route M – Drainage repair.

— Route EE between Route B and County Road 1280 – Pavement patching.

— Route JJ between Route 68 and County Road 4110 – Pavement patching.

Pulaski County

Overnight Hours

— Route H over Interstate 44 – Bridge repair. Eastbound I-44 traffic will be diverted to the entrance and exit ramps while the work takes place.

Daylight Hours

— Route 133 between Route 17 and Route C – Pavement repair.

— Route T at Collie Hollow, north of Rich Lane – Guardrail removal and replacement. 

— Route U between Route 17 and Route 42 in Miller County – Resurfacing, culvert pipe installation and shoulder widening continues through November.