New S&T website to serve as link to community

Aerial photo of the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus, fall 2020. Photo by Missouri S&T

Missouri S&T launched the website in an effort to better connect the university with its area community. The website features a calendar of events, a list of local research studies and expertise, programs, and services the university offers to the community. 

“The hope is that members of the local community will be able to not just attend events, but also to interact with and learn more about the university’s work,” says Melanie Keeney, director of engagement and outreach in marketing and communications at Missouri S&T. “By increasing our engagement with our community, both groups can grow and support each other at an even higher level.” 

Highlighted connections on the site include stories such as free tutoring for K-12 students, research projects that impact the local community or economy, upcoming online research summits and symposiums, and continuing education opportunities.