Offenders trash minimum security prison in Missouri

Associated Press
The Rolla Daily News

MARYVILLE, Mo. (AP) — A New Year's Eve riot carried out by offenders in a northwestern Missouri minimum-security prison was so destructive that it left part of a house unit unlivable, a state prisons official said. 

The riot began the night of Dec. 31 in the Maryville Treatment Center, when three offenders suspected of being intoxicated refused to cooperate with corrections officers and began destroying property, the St. Joseph News-Press reported. 

Karen Pojmann, the communications director for the Missouri Department of Corrections, confirmed the disturbance. She said other offenders joined the initial three in the melee, and the mob moved from living quarters to administrative offices. 

Officials believe about two dozen offenders participated, smashing windows, doors, camera equipment, computers and vending machines. The estimated cost of the damage is $30,000.

At least 77 offenders were immediately relocated to another building when the destruction began, Pojmann said, and about 25 inmates were present but not involved in the destruction. 

About 25 offenders were transferred to disciplinary segregation units at other prison facilities. The rest were moved to the other housing unit at the treatment center.