Infants inside stolen car OK after car is abandoned

Associated Press
The Rolla Daily News

FLORISSANT — Two infants are back with their family after a carjacker stole their father's SUV with the children in the back seat.

The incident happened early Wednesday in the St. Louis County town of Florissant. Police say the father went into a 7-Eleven and left the SUV running. When he came out, the vehicle with both infants inside had been stolen.

Police issued an Amber Alert for the children, a 10-month-old girl and a 16-day-old boy.

Authorities believe the thief was working with another motorist because after the SUV sped off, it was followed by another vehicle.

Hours later, police found the SUV about five miles from the 7-Eleven. Police spokesman Steve Michael said the children were safe and unharmed and were reunited with their parents.

Police have not said if any arrests have been made.