Meet three of St. James Caring Center’s volunteers

Look at the smiling faces of Brenda, Faye and Judy.

Volunteers are all precious, but these three ladies are super-precious.   

Working to sort jewelry, bedding, curtains, shoes, toys, and much more is a tedious job.  Brenda, Faye and Judy decided their workspace was not conducive to meeting their need.   

What did they do? Tore the room apart and put it back together just like they wanted.   

Prior to this adventure, they asked permission from Director Nancy Montgomery.   

She said, “Ladies, this is your work area… create a comfortable space for you.”   

The St. James Caring Center located at 113 W. Eldon is fortunate to have Judy, Faye, and Brenda volunteering nearly every day.   

Their task is to prepare sellable items for our Thrift Store.   

Store hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.  

Interested in volunteering? Contact Marilyn at 265-2047.