Waynesville Chamber Speak Your Peace projects features ‘Be Responsible’ in September

Waynesville Chamber Speak Your Peace projects features ‘Be Responsible’ in September.

The Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce continues its Speak Your Peace civility project in September with “Be Responsible.” 

In January, the chamber created the year-long program to help people navigate social media effectively while reminding people to be respectful when using social media platforms.

The chamber featured the topic “Assert Yourself” in August, which is all about creating healthy boundaries while building lasting relationships in the workplace and throughout the community. 

“While being assertive is about considering ourselves, it does not neglect our individual responsibilities as effective team members,” the chamber said in a news release. 

In September, the chamber will share from the category of “Be the Difference.” The first topic was “Be Responsive,” then, in October, the chamber will move on to “Respect Others.”

P. M. Forni, the author of the Civility Project, writes, “We shouldn’t shift responsibility and blame to others. To be a civil person, we have to hold ourselves accountable. The powerful combination of self-respect and respect for others should make it almost impossible for us to choose incivility if we manage to remain clear-headed even in challenging situations.”

The chamber will post interactive reminders on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WaynesvilleStRobertChamber each week. 

Executive director Cecilia Murray said, “We encourage people to visit our page for tutorials, open discussion and success stories. The program is a great way for parents and families to discuss proper social media etiquette with their children.”