Speak Your Peace features ‘Assert Yourself’ in August

Speak Your Peace features “Assert Yourself” in August.

The Speak Your Peace Civility Project continues in August with “Assert Yourself.” 

The yearlong program, which kicked off in January by the Waynesville-St. Robert Area Chamber of Commerce, is designed to help people navigate social media effectively, while reminding people to be respectful when using social media platforms.

In July, the chamber featured the topic “Be Inclusive.” “Looking for ways to include others is a skill that every leader should aspire to possess.”

Being inclusive is about identifying the strength of others resulting in the potential development of a strong team and community.

In August we will conclude the “Be Empowered,” the second of three categories, with “Assert Yourself.” 

Then in September we will move on to our final category of “Be the Difference” with “Be Responsible.”

Dr. P.M. Forni, author of the Civility Project, writes “Becoming assertive means learning to say no.” 

Being able to say this can have a profound impact on how individuals assert themselves. 

Dr. Forni goes on to say that there are three elements of a good assertion: The description of the behavior you find objectionable, the disclosure of the feelings stirred in you by the behavior and the naming of the behavior’s effects. 

Combining these three elements will help you to become a more assertive person.

The Chamber plans to post interactive reminders each week to their Facebook page.

According to Chamber executive member Cecilia Murray, “We encourage people to visit our page for tutorials, open discussion and success stories. The program is a great way for parents and families to discuss proper social media etiquette with their children.”

For Speak Your Peace updates, visit the Chamber’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/WaynesvilleStRobertChamber/