Buckle Up phone down issues new challenge

A "Buckle up, phone down" safety message greets motorists.

Here’s your chance to release your inner Spielberg. The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is seeking individuals help in creating their next Buckle Up Phone Down Public Service Announcement.

“We know that Missouri has a lot of talented individuals,” said Nicole Hood, Missouri Department of Transportation state highway safety and traffic engineer. “We’re asking you to show us how to present the Buckle Up Phone Down message. Together we can make a difference.”

To date, Missouri has had 497 fatalities with 66% unbuckled. 

This number is on pace with 2020 which ended the year with the highest number of fatalities in a decade. 

The simple act of buckling your seat belt can improve your chances of surviving a crash by 45%. 

And by putting your phone down—every time, every trip—you can better concentrate on the road ahead and react to whatever surprises it might bring.

The video Public Service Announcement contest is simple:

· Create a 30-second PSA that tells others why buckling up and putting their phone down while driving is important.

· Fill out the online application.

· Once we receive an online form, they will send residents a link to upload their video.

The winning Public Service Announcement will be featured at this year’s Buckle Up Phone Down Day celebration in October and will be used in Buckle Up Phone Down campaigns throughout the state.

Complete contest rules and submission requirements can be found at www.savemolives.com/BUPDContest. 

People also find graphic elements and music beds to help them create their masterpiece.

Don’t delay. Entries must be received by Aug. 30.