Division of Fire Safety approves reopening of Branson Coaster amusement ride


The Amusement Ride Safety Unit of the Division of Fire Safety Friday approved the reopening of the Branson Coaster amusement ride in Branson. 

Following a final inspection on Friday, July 9, the Amusement Ride Safety Unit determined the ride is safe for public use. 

The determination comes following several previous inspections by the safety unit, operational testing, examination and evaluation of critical components, reviews of operating procedures and interviews with ride operator staff and witnesses.

The ride, located at 2115 76 Country Blvd, Branson, was closed on June 20, 2021, following an accident in which an 11-year-old Tennessee boy was seriously injured. 

The Amusement Ride Safety Unit investigation of the accident continues. The safety unit has determined the ride is currently safe to operate.