St. Francois County angler catches state record river carpsucker

MDC confirms Steven Henson of Bonne Terre is the sixth state record holder of 2021 after catching a 3-pound, 14-ounce river carpsucker on the Mississippi River June 1.

The Missouri Department of Conservation congratulated Steven Henson of Bonne Terre for becoming the latest state record holder for river carpsucker.

According to the department, Henson was fishing with his pole-and-line on the Mississippi River June 1 when he reeled in the 3-pound, 14-ounce fish. The previous record was a 2-pound, 3-ounce fish caught on the South Grand River in 2008.

The river carpsucker is the most abundant and widely distributed carpsucker in Missouri. 

According to the Department of Conservation, this species mainly occurs in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their major prairie tributaries in northern and western Missouri. The river carpsucker is considered a sport fish, and is rarely taken on hook-and-line.

The weighing of the fish was witnessed by Missouri Department of Conservation staff on a certified scale in the area.

This is the sixth state record fish recorded in 2021.

Missouri state record fish are recognized in two categories: pole-and-line and alternative methods.

Alternative methods include: throwlines, limb lines, bank lines, jug lines, spearfishing, snagging, snaring, gigging, grabbing, archery and atlatl.

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