Local Girl Scouts plant trees to save the planet

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland change the world, one tree at a time

Jamie from Troop 71983 posing next to the tree she planted.

Starting on Earth Day, local Girl Scouts stepped up to the challenge to help save planet Earth.

Through Girl Scouts new patch program, Girl Scouts save the world by planting one tree at a time.

Local Girl Scouts have already started planting trees all over their communities. This is what they had to say about their experience being part of planet conservation: 

The girls of Troop 70093 said, “We learned about invasive species and why we needed to plant native Missouri trees.” 

Cara Leible of Troop 72067 and Emily Leible of Troop 71718 said their favorite part was “Digging the hole to put the tree in.”

The initiative inspires girls to get outside and give back to their community and encourages them to do their part to help save the planet. 

Project Plant-It launched April 22 and continues through Sept. 30. To learn more about Project Plant-It, visit http://bit.ly/ProjectPlantIt.