Missouri Senate tables bill to invalidate federal gun laws

Associated Press
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Senate has tabled a bill to invalidate federal gun laws after pushback from Democrats who said the proposal would threaten partnerships between local and federal authorities.

The bill seeks to invalidate federal laws or other actions deemed to infringe on a person's Second Amendment right to bear arms, the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Sponsor Sen. Eric Burlison, a Battlefield Republican, said it would allow individuals to sue local police departments and governments if their action "knowingly deprives a citizen of Missouri of the rights or privileges ensured by" the Second Amendment. A $50,000 civil penalty could be awarded.

"Those politicians in Washington, D.C., can pass, and are attempting to pass, whatever crazy, wild-eyed ideas that they have. But with this law in place, Missouri will have nothing to do with what they pass," Burlison said.

Local law enforcement has voiced concerns, saying an earlier version of the bill could imperil local officials' ability to work with federal authorities.

Critics of similar proposals have said courts have ruled that federal laws cannot be nullified by the states.