Phelps County Child Advocacy Network distributes over 400 yard signs for youth substance use prevention


With the help of the Rolla Police Department, Phelps County Child Advocacy Network distributed over 400 yard signs to local families last week. Each yard sign says: “It’s Up to Me to prevent youth substance use.” 

The signs are part of a comprehensive campaign to promote the understanding that everyone can and must play a part in preventing youth drug and alcohol use, according to Phelps County Child Advocacy Network (PCCAN).

Parents and guardians could pick up a sign from a resource officer or PCCAN member while dropping off or picking up their kids from the Rolla Public Schools elementary schools and middle school.

PCCAN recognized Rolla Public Schools and the Rolla Police Department for their help in the sign distribution and thanked Sergeant Wayne Rapier, Officer Phil Horn, Corporal Brad Gibbs and Captain Doug James for their role in this event.

The youth substance use prevention campaign is part of a substantial federal grant obtained by PCCAN. “It’s Up to Me” also involves collaboration with local youth, supporting prevention education in local schools, alcohol vendor education, and radio and social media messaging.

Anyone who would like their own yard sign can drop by Prevention Consultants of Missouri at 300 N. Rolla St., or call 573-368-4755 to arrange delivery. Learn more about PCCAN and their youth substance use prevention initiatives at, or visit PCCAN on Facebook.