Rolla police arrest man in connection with unlawful use of weapon at Rolla Junior High

Press Release

On March 8, 2021 at approximately 0703 hours, officers responded to a report made by an adult female, who reported her 16-year-old daughter was receiving death threats via text  message from a known suspect. 

The adult female reported both her and her daughter have an order of protection against  the suspect. She also reported the suspect violated that order on Saturday by physically  assaulting the 16 year old and by placing a gun to her head at which time he told her he was  going to kill her. The 16 year old was taken to the hospital for treatment that day.  

On March 8th, Officers escorted the victims from their home to the Rolla Police  Department as the suspect continued to text his threats. A School Resource Officer overheard  the radio traffic, contacted the investigating officers, and informed them that the suspect was  currently attending class at the Rolla Junior High School.  

Officers responded to the Rolla Junior High School and arrested the suspect identified as Keon A. Miller age 18 of Rolla. Miller was in possession of a loaded handgun at the time of his  arrest at the Rolla Junior High School.  

Miller was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon, violation of a child order of protection,  and domestic assault 3rd, violation of an order of protection, stalking 1st, and unlawful use of a  weapon for having a loaded handgun on school campus. Miller was incarcerated in the Phelps  County Jail where he is being held on $700,000 bond.