State Farm provides grant to Newburg School District for STEM program


A STEM program in a school setting provides a space where students can explore past the regular classroom and an environment to ask questions, try different ways to solve a problem, and start discussions with one another about what they are doing. STEM is a broad term that groups together the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Newburg School District was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from State Farm to assist with their Audio Engineering STEM program. The course sequence is part of the district’s Audio/Video Career and Technical Education offerings where students at each level work together to design, create and utilize analog and digital audio components to create quality audio products. By the end of the sequence, students will be able to run their own musical recording session, and will be prepared after graduation to enter the sound design, electrical/audio engineering and manufacturer career fields.

Local State Farm agents Carey Heitman, Angie Foster, Kathy McKay and Dan Collier  visited the school Tuesday to present a check to teacher Thomas Insall, the school’s STEM Coordinator, and school superintendent Dr. Randy Caffey.

“This STEM program is a great fit with State Farm’s focus on education,” said State Farm Sales Leader Kirk Buhr. “We have a commitment to support our local schools and provide students with experiences and training to ready them for college and/or their future occupations.”

Goals of the program include coordinating with industry professionals like Neve, Studer and Fender to match graduating seniors with companies in the industry, as well record to tape various projects from local bands and the school’s choir.