February Senior Companion of the Month announced


The Phelps County Senior Companion program announced Sally Love, of Rolla, as the Senior Companion of the Month for February.

Sally was born in Pendleton, Oregon, but the family soon moved to Missouri where she grew up with two brothers and a sister. Due to the nature of her father’s work, the family moved a lot.  

“Meeting new people frequently caused me to appreciate the struggles of others,” she said.

Sally became a senior companion in 2015. 

Sally said she really enjoys volunteering as a Senior Companion, but as COVID-19 continues it has been a challenge taking care of clients.

She said: “People tend to be social. Enduring long term isolation can cause anxiety, depression, and fatigue. As a Senior Companion, I apply myself in caring for people. I want to show I’m there for them. 

“I run errands and encourage them anyway I can through Facebook, writing letters and making phone calls. Good conversation and genuine concern helps our clients maintain a positive mental outlook. Often I just listen to them.”

Sally is an ordained minister and continues in her ministry, taking courses through Global Awakening Theological Seminary where she is earning a Master of Divinity Degree and will graduate at the age of 70.

She has written three books, all available on Amazon under Sally Thames Love.  

“God Talk is a daily devotional that was written to encourage the reader,” she said. “It has been well received.”  

As Senior Companion of the Month, Sally received a floral arrangement donated by     Blossom Basket Florist and a $10 gift card from Sinks Pharmacy.

The Senior companion Program is sponsored by the Phelps County Commission, AmeriCorps Seniors through the Corporation for National and Community Service as well as several local groups and individuals. 

Senior Companions help their peers maintain the independence they have worked for all their lives. If you know a Phelps County resident who might benefit from the services of a Senior Companion, call 573-458-6180 for further information.