Missouri Public Transit Association reminds residents of federal mask requirements


The Missouri Public Transit Association is issuing a reminder to residents about the federal mask mandate for public transportation. 

All transit riders and operators are required to properly wear face masks while on buses, vans, trains and other spaces owned and operated by public transit providers, including transportation hubs and stations, to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19. This requirement is a result of President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 13998, which was signed the end of January.

Missouri Public Transit Association Executive Director Kimberly Cella commented that the pandemic has further reinforced the essentialness of public transportation. 

“Hundreds of thousands of area residents rely on transit services to get to work, school and medical appointments, as well as to gain access to groceries, prescriptions and other necessities,” Cella said in a news release Tuesday. “It is imperative that riders and operators do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19 so the 34 Missouri transit providers can continue providing safe, affordable and convenient service throughout the state.”

Many Missouri transit providers have been requiring transit riders and operators to wear masks for a number of months already, and this mandate will extend those requirements to all providers in the state. According to the association, public transit providers will also continue to execute enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols and provide personal protective equipment for team members.