State Rep. Bennie Cook invites everyone to the Bicentennial Inaugural Events in Jefferson City


State Rep. Bennie Cook would like to invite everyone to the Missouri State Capitol, “The People’s House”, on Saturday, Sept. 18, for the Bicentennial Inaugural Events. 

The State Capitol will be open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Representative Bennie Cook’s office located in the State Capitol at 203-A will provide light snacks and refreshments to constituents throughout the day.  

Several special items will be on display around the Capitol: 

  • Missouri professional sports memorabilia and championship trophies
  • Missouri Bicentennial Quilt
  • Missouri Bicentennial Mural 

The Bicentennial Inaugural Parade is hosted by the office of Gov. Mike Parson and will start at 10 a.m. 

The parade is meant to showcase Missouri’s past, present and future. 

The parade will celebrate the swearing-in of Missouri's elected officials from this year's Bicentennial Inauguration as well as highlight the history and significance of all 114 counties across the state of Missouri.  

This year, Travis Campbell, owner of Campbell & Sons Logging, Aaron Volk, owner of Volk Farms and members of the Ozark Older Iron Club will represent the 142nd District in the parade.  

“The entries from the 142nd District will highlight our timber industry and the importance of agriculture in our area,” Cook said. 

If anyone is interested in representing the 142nd District in the Bicentennial Parade please contact Cook as soon as possible at 573-751-1490.  

The Bicentennial Inaugural Ball will be held in the evening following the parade at the State Capitol, with the grand march starting at 6:30 p.m. Individuals who plan on attending please RSVP at

If you plan to attend the events at the Missouri State Capitol please contact Cook at 573-751-1490 or by email at for more information.