Missouri State Senate honors 100th anniversary of Aerial application

Missouri Senator Jason Bean (second from left) presents a copy of the Senate Resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of aerial application to (L-R) Dennie Stokes (Co-owner), Josh Rittenberry (Insurance Division) and Chris Cobb (Co-owner) of Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp.

The Missouri State Senate has adopted a resolution commemorating the 100th anniversary of aerial application.  

The resolution was presented by Senator Jason Bean, R-25th District. 

The first documented use of aircraft to apply crop protection products occurred on Aug. 3, 1921. The Resolution states that in the century since then, “aerial application has continually grown in importance to Missouri’s agriculture, health and safety.”

The resolution also recognizes the contributions to agricultural aviation of Mid-Continent Aircraft Corporation, the Hayti company founded in 1949 by industry pioneer Richard “Dick” Reade.

About 127 million acres of U.S. cropland are treated by aerial application each year.