Forty-fifth senior companion recognition article

Phelps County Commissioner Gary Hicks

The 45th Senior Companions Program recognition was held at the courthouse circle drive on June 19. 

This year’s recognition is a tribute to Senior Companion volunteers who have worked through the pandemic delivering groceries, medications, hot meals, providing wellness checks and unfailing emotional support to those that can’t do for themselves.   

Some volunteers have served more than 20 years. What a tribute to the Senior Companion Program.

Upon arrival, volunteers automatically entered a car decorating contest with prizes donated by Holiday Inn Express and Price Choppers.  

Pictures were taken and volunteers received certificates and raffle tickets for specialty gifts donated by H.O.P.E. Ministries.  

Other gifts and gift cards were provided by Kingdom Kia and The Senior Companion Program.  

Volunteers received  a hot meal of Cornish game hens, seasoned roasted potatoes and carrots, fruit salsa and cinnamon pita chips. 

The Senior Companion Program extended a special thanks to:

Phelps County Commissioner Gary Hicks

— Commissioners Randy Verkamp and Gary Hicks

— Jeff Wallace, from Kindred Home Care

— Girls Gone Catering

— Mike Miller

— Kingsford Manufacturing Co.

— Rick Leuthauser

— Jessica Leuthauser

— Senior Companion Staff

— Yvonne Leuthauser, Director

— Christine Miller, Coordinator

— Frances Bay, Administrative Assistant

Phelps County Senior Companion program.