Heraeus acquires two Rolla companies

Mo-Sci Corporation based in Rolla.

The Heraeus Group on Monday announced its acquisition of Mo-Sci Corporation and ETS Technology Holdings, LLC.

According to Heraeus, the addition of both businesses will strengthen the company’s healthcare and medical portfolio that includes supplying medical components and devices, the PALACOS orthopaedic bone cement line, and other technologies and cutting-edge innovations for healthcare medical device industries. 

In the company's announcement, Nicolas Guggenheim, President of Business Area Medtech, said, “Across every treatment area, medical technology is changing rapidly. The acquisition of Mo-Sci and ETS gives us new capabilities to help our customers deliver innovative technologies and breakthrough treatments that will improve outcomes and patient care.”

Mo-Sci was founded by Dr. Delbert Day in 1985 to develop and supply specialty glass and ceramic products for specific market applications and is now a leading supplier to the medical device industry with glass microspheres, fibers and powders.

It also provides sealing glass and test services for the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. 

The company was led by Ted Day, Delbert’s son, up until his passing in September 2020.

ETS was founded in 2012 to develop and commercialize a novel borate-based bioactive glass technology platform for wound care and hemostasis. 

ETS received FDA clearance for its first product, Mirragen, a resorbable synthetic skin substitute, and continues to expand the technology to new applications.

ETS received FDA clearance for its first product, Mirragen, a resorbable synthetic skin substitute.

Kimberly Day, the owner of Mo-Sci and ETS, said, “Mo-Sci and Heraeus have been in contact for many years, and prior to his passing, Ted identified Heraeus as a preferred partner to take Mo-Sci and ETS to the next stage of development. I am glad to carry this vision through to completion.” 

Heraeus plans to keep the existing Mo-Sci team and facilities in Rolla.

The acquisition is expected to close by the end of 2021, pending legal clearance and satisfaction with customary closing conditions.