Bulldogs and Tigers unable to keep pace in losses at Waynesville and St. Clair

Rolla Bulldogs 3-3 vs Waynesville Tigers 4-2

The Tigers and Bulldogs faced off for the 60th year and this chapter went to Waynesville as the Tigers defeated Rolla 49-35.

Both teams were even throughout the entire game with neither side able to stop the other. The Tigers would eventually get a one-score lead and that would make the difference in the game.

Both teams went into the game with a 3-2 record and that showed in more that just the scoring. Waynesville and Rolla Both had 20 first downs and the Bulldogs only had three penalties compared to four for the Tigers.

Waynesville scored on a 35-yard run from Shen Butler-Lawson with 8:02 in the first quarter. The Bulldogs responded with a 33-yard run of their own from Malachi Ray and that tied the game up 7-7. The Tigers scored again with 3:41 in the quarter after a 59-yard breakaway run from Almanzo Martin and Waynesville led 14-7 after the first quarter.

The second period was the Bulldogs' turn as they outscored the Tigers 14-7 in the period. Rolla tied the game back up at after a 29-yard pass to Elijah Cunningham from Jack Hounsom. The Tigers gained the next advantage with a 19-yard score by Jared Hyatt to give Waynesville a 21-14 lead. Hounsom ran in the final touchdown of the half to even things out again and the Tigers and the Bulldogs were tied at 21 going into halftime.

Waynesville took a 28-21 lead after the third quarter when the Tigers controlled the ball nearly the entire period after a Waynesville score.

Both teams caught on fire in the final quarter as Waynesville edged Rolla 21-14. Colton Franks tied the game up on a 1-yard touchdown to begin the period. Butler-Lawson broke away with 7:49 in the final quarter after an 8-yard run. Butler-Lawson again scored with 5:46 to go after a failed Bulldogs punt. Dawitt Pritchett scored the final score for the Bulldogs to cut the game to seven points. Lewis ended the scoring with a 38-yard run to close the game out.

The Bulldogs team combined for 520 all-purpose yards and 402 yards rushing and passing combined.

Rolla's Hounsom was 5-11 with 97 yards in the game. Issac Hunter led the team in receiving yards with 56 while Cunningham caught a touchdown pass in the close loss.

The Rolla team shined on the ground running the ball 50 times from six different rushers for 305 yards. Franks led the Bulldogs with his 92 yards and one touchdown. Pritchett, Hounsom, and Ray each had a rushing touchdown.

Ethan Stephenson and Patrick Cahill led the team with six tackles in the game and Franks and Gus Gremp had five tackles each.

St. James Tigers 0-6 at St. Clair Bulldogs 6-0

The St. Clair Bulldogs hosted the St. James Tigers on Friday night with the Bulldogs being undefeated and the Tigers looking for their first win of the season.

The Tigers defense held strong until midway through the first quarter when St. Clair took off and scored seven straight touchdowns leading into the third quarter en route to a 62-8 win.

The first quarter of the game began with both team's defenses holding the other until the midway mark when the Bulldogs scored on an 82-yard breakaway run to gain a 7-0 lead after the extra point. St. Clair scored again after a St. James Turnover just four minutes later when Cole Venbke took in the 7-yard run for a score. That gave the Bulldogs a 14-0 lead.

The Bulldogs would score four more times in the second quarter when three different runners added to the total and the Bulldogs led the game 42-0 going into halftime.

St. Clair scored midway through the third period when Landen Roberts ran in a 22-yard score with 6:38 to go. St. James responded with a 78-yard run from Logan Saxbury. Logan Sparks added the 2-point conversions to give the Tigers their only points of the night. The Bulldogs added two more scores in the fourth.

St. James had 325 all-purpose yards which included kick returns. Meanwhile, Saxbury and Rustin Branum led the team in tackles with eight each.

The leading passer for the Tigers was Rustin Branum who was 6-18 with 130 yard in the air. Nick Halbrook led the team in catching yards with 60. Gavin Caldwell picked up 42 yards. The team totaled 142 catching yards in the loss. Saxbury led the team with 85 rushing yards including the team's touchdown. St.James totaled 89 yards on the ground.