Rolla has had many ups and downs this season.

All the Lady Bulldogs played their best on Monday to honor the seniors that are graduating this year. They faced the Lady Tigers in their last home match of the season and won it 6-3.

The Lady Bulldogs are graduating Molly Hardwick, Kathleen Beetner, and Mya Burken. 

"Our seniors have worked hard leading this team of 20-plus players. Molly and Mya organized team shirts, picked up after their teammates, motivated them before matches, and genuinely took pride in themselves and the program they are a part of," Rolla coach Cody Martin said. "Kathleen welcomed the freshmen and made them feel a part of the program by rallying with them during practice and teaching them some tricks."

Rolla began strong by winning the doubles round 2-1 and then finishing the job with a 4-2 effort in the singles matches.

Faith Taylor and Anne Marie defeated the Lady Tigers team of Alexuz Pesantemercado and Kristen Sneed 8-3 while Mya Burken and Sheri Chan followed up with another win over Siraprapa Rawaekklang and Isabella Amodio by the same score. Naudia Evans and Allison Wilking defeated Rolla’s Molly Hardwick and Elliana Stanislawski 8-6. 

Taylor beat Pesantemercado in and 8-0 shutout to begin the singles while Chan defeated the Lady Tigers Rawaekklang 8-6. Bevis lost to Kristen Sneed in a close 6-8 game while the Lady Tigers Naudia Evans defeated Hardwick 8-6 in the fourth-seeded contest. 

The score was still close with Rolla having a narrow 4-3 lead over the Lady Tigers and the Lady Bulldogs were able to seal the win with Stanislawski beating Wilking 8-2 to give them the 5-3 lead. Senior Burken defeated Amodio 8-4 to make the final score 6-3 and close the home portion of the season out strong.

The team is currently 4-5 and will be traveling to West Plains on Thursday for another Ozark Conference matchup.