The Bulldogs finished the week 1-2 after being swept by Jefferson City 9-0 and falling to Columbia Hickman 6-3 before ending on a positive note with an 8-1 win over Richland.

The Rolla Lady Bulldogs played three matches this week traveling to Jefferson City and Richland while hosting Columbia Hickman.

The Bulldogs finished the week 1-2 after being swept by Jefferson City 9-0 and falling to Columbia Hickman 6-3 before ending on a positive note with an 8-1 win over Richland.

Rolla vs Jefferson City - Tuesday

The Lady Bulldogs faced the Jefferson City Lady Jays on Tuesday afternoon. Faith Taylor fell 1-8 to Lady Jay Baskar Sandhiya 1-8. The second seed match of the day was another one for the Jefferson City side as Anne Marie Bevis fell to Kumar Sudhiksha 1-8.

Lady Jay Becker Madelyn defeated Mya Burken 8-1 to continue the Jefferson City sweep. Kathleen Beetner had the closest singles match with a 4-8 loss to Harper Jaden. Statler Lauren defeated Molly Hardwick 8-1 in the final singles set.

In doubles play, the team of Sandhiya and Donthireddy Alekhyaa from Jefferson City defeated Faith Taylor and Sheri Chan in the first matchup. Rolla Lady Bulldogs Burken and Bevis fell to Sudhiksha and Madelyn 1-8 in the second varsity double. Lady Bulldogs Beetner and Hardwick had a closer game against the Lady Jays Jaden and Statler Lauren, but fell by the score of 4-8

Rolla vs Columbia Hickman - Wednesday

In the top-seeded match Mirra Manolov defeated the Rolla’s Faith Taylor 8-1 to give the Cupies an early lead. The second game was another win for Columbia as Junior Christina Hua beat Rolla’s Sze Long Chan 0-8.

The Cupies again added to their lead as Hickman’s Jamie Barta defeated Anne Marie Bevis 2-8 in the set. Then the Bulldogs picked up their first win of the day as Rolla’s Mya Christina Burken defeated Kristen Collings 8-3. That cut the Hickman lead to 3-1.

The Lady Bulldogs clawed their way back in the fifth match up as Kathleen Burken kept Cupie Hannah Moseley in check with an 8-3 win to pull the Bulldogs within a single point. The Hickman girls, however, closed out the singles side of the day with a win by Kathryn Rothermich over Lady Bulldogs Molly Hardwick 8-2.

“Singles was tough, we had long rallies but I couldn’t quite pull through,” Hardwick said.

The Lady Bulldogs fell 1-2 in the doubles part of the matchup. The Lady Bulldogs team of Taylor and Chan made a come back from being down 1-4 and was able to defeat Monolov and Hua 8-6.

“In doubles, Ellie and I started off rough but we were able to keep each other motivated and we pulled through. It’s great playing someone who you feel like you can bring up and who can bring you up too,” Hardwick added.

Rolla coach Cody Martin noted that Hickman provided his club a good fight early in the season that can pay off down the road.

“We played hard with some tough competition. Hickman has some great players so it was a good opportunity for our athletes to start the season with some really challenging opponents,” he said.

Rolla vs Richland - Thursday

The Lady Bulldogs final game of the week was a 45-minute trip to face the Richland Lady Bears. This day went well as the Rolla girls won the matchup 8-1.

Taylor defeated the Lady Bears Hannah Black 8-0 in the top-seeded match while Chan fell to Jade Quick 2-8 in their game. Anne Marie put the Lady Bulldogs back on top with and 8-2 victory over Lady Bears Dana Long in the third-seeded match of the day.

Burken took on Lady Bears Olivia Daughtery-Cowsert and shut her out 8-0 in the fourth singles game of the day. Hardwick also shut out Amira Brown with and 8-0 score to give the Lady Bulldogs the guaranteed win on the day. Stanislawski defeated Richland Katie Taylor 8-1 in the final singles match to give the Lady Bulldogs a 5-1 lead.

The Team of Taylor and Chan defeated Black and Long from Richland in the top double bout 8-3. Burken and Anne Marie won their double 8-2 over Lady Bears Quick and Daughtery. Hardwick and Stanislawski both closed out the varsity doubles part of things with an 8-1 win over Taylor and Brown.

Up next for Rolla is a trip to Parkview on Monday at 4 p.m.