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The benefits of a digital subscription

What is a digital subscription and why should I get one?

A digital subscription gives you unlimited access to all content. In addition to what you find in print, our website offers a wide range of features. Among them:

  • - Breaking news
  • - Photo galleries and videos
  • - News and views from your community

Why have you started charging for online access?

Newspapers provide a valuable service to the community, and the cost to providing that service continues to increase. Just like our readers pay for our printed newspaper to help subsidize the cost of producing the content, we're asking our digital users to also subscribe to this service. We've done our best to offer some flexibility in subscribing. As a result, we've opted for a 'metered' approach, in which case users will receive 5 articles every 30-day period. Those who already subscribe to our print newspaper will receive the digital access as part of their paid subscription at no additional charge.

How much does a digital subscription cost?

A digital subscription costs only 99¢ for the introductory first month, and then only $ a month after the introductory period. Print subscribers receive unlimited digital access. Click here to register if you are already a subscriber.

How do I access my digital subscription?

Once you purchase your digital subscription, you will be logged in to your account from the device you used to purchase the subscription. You don't have to do anything else to access the content on the website.

What if I don't want to purchase a digital subscription? Will I be blocked from the site?

No. You will still have access to 5 articles every 30-day period. Upon reaching your limit, you can subscribe for unlimited digital access. If you don't want to subscribe, you can revisit our site during the next 30-day period. Some of our content, like the homepage and classifieds will remain free.

What is Press+?

Press+ is our e-commerce system for digital subscriptions. When you subscribe to, you will create a Press+ account, and Press+ will charge your credit card for the subscription amount. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as 'Press Plus.'

If I have a computer at home and a computer at my office, do I need to purchase two digital subscriptions?

No. You can log in using your account username and password from wherever you access the Internet.

How will digital subscriptions be billed?

We accept major credit cards. Subscriptions are billed every 30 days for monthly subscriptions or every 360


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