The State of Missouri is preparing for the New Year, one which hold special importance for the Show Me State as Missouri will celebrate its 200th anniversary of receiving statehood on Aug. 10, 2021.

To help commemorate the historic event, each county in the state has been given a banner and flag to fly in honor of the anniversary of Missouri joining the union as the 24th American state in 1821. Recently, Rep.-Elect Bennie Cook and Rep. Robert Ross joined Texas County and its commissioners for the presentation and unveiling of their bicentennial banner and flag.

“It’s an honor to join the Missouri General Assembly and serve as we celebrate and commemorate 200 years of statehood,” Rep.-Elect Cook, R- Houston, said. “As we look back and remember all that has happened in our state’s 200 years, we also look forward to continuing to grow and build a Missouri that represents the ideals of our state and its people.”

A series of events and projects are planned throughout the state to celebrate its rich and diverse history in the coming year. Learn more about how you can participate in the celebration at

Rep. Elect Bennie Cook represents House District 142, which consists of Texas, Howell, Phelps, and Pulaski Counties. He will officially begin his first term in the Missouri House when the 101st General Assembly convenes Jan. 6.