Deciding between a real and faux Christmas tree can be one of the most important holiday decisions. Forget what you're going to make for food, or who you will invite, the Christmas tree is the focal point of the holidays and quite frankly one of the most anticipated events.

Pros and Cons 

Cost – Cost can be a driving factor for choosing artificial trees. While their upfront cost are a bit higher than a real tree, they can be used year after year. Most artificial trees include lights prebuilt into their branches. Lights, ornaments and other accessories are all important considerations when deciding between trees. 

Maintenance – Real trees can leave a trail of pine needles, sap, and spilt water. While they smell fresh and green, artificial trees have little to no maintenance as you just assemble and enjoy. 

Ecofriendly – If biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly matters to you, then a real tree is your best option. While artificial trees are fire-resistant, they are filled with chemicals that prevent them from being recyclable. 

Tradition – Gathering family for the annual Christmas tree hunt can be a fun activity during the holidays. It fuels anticipation and excitement for the holiday season and could be the main reason families stick with a real tree. 


Add a personal touch by customizing your tree with a variety of décor options. A few examples include: 

Ornaments Specialty lighting Tree topper Skirts 

A Christmas tree can serve as the perfect holiday backdrop for friends and family to sit around and enjoy each other’s company. 

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