The Ozark Patriots chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution awarded a Life Saving Award to Rolla parking officer Larry Seest.

President of the Ozark Patriots chapter compatriot Kelvin Erickson presented the award to Seest, and compatriots Frank Furman and Don Turner attended as a color guard. 

On June 19, Seest and Jeremy Walny, a technician from Fidelity Cable, heard a smoke detector and smelled smoke emitting from a neighbor's residence. Seest then entered the building, finding it full of smoke, and found a resident asleep in a back bedroom. Seest was not able to rouse the resident and removed the resident outside to safety. The resident was later treated for smoke inhalation and released. 

“It is obvious to the Sons of the American Revolution that Seest's actions saved a person's life,” Erickson said.