Rolla Public Schools will start offering free meals to students and children up to 18 years old in the community.

Beginning Monday, Sept. 14, the district will provide students and area children lunch and breakfast. On-site pick up will also be available for distance learners. 

Meals can be picked up every Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Rolla High School cafeteria doors, located at 900 Bulldog Run. When picking up meals, a staff member will bring the food to residents’ vehicles. 

Meals will include cold items that require refrigeration. To-go meals will not be the same menu items as those for seated students due to the inability to maintain safe serving temperatures, the district said. 

Every Monday, the district will provide two breakfasts and two lunches. Every Wednesday, three breakfasts and three lunches will be provided. 

Currently, the district said the U.S. Department of Agriculture waiver will provide free meals through Dec. 18. Students will maintain any balances on their lunch accounts until the waiver expires. 

Students are not required to be present for residents to pick up a meal. Meals are available for anyone one to 18 years old.