To help Missouri University of Science and Technology students and their families prepare for the fall semester, Missouri S&T has developed the Miner Roadmap for 2020.

The Miner Roadmap is a 20-page booklet that provides guidance for students and their families to consult before they return to campus for the fall semester, which begins Monday, Aug. 24.

“We developed this guide to help our students prepare for a safe and successful fall semester,” says Dr. Dennis Goodman, director of student health services and Missouri S&T’s chief medical officer. “Many of our operations and requirements are changing to make the campus safer for every member of our campus community, and the Miner Roadmap provides details of the major changes.”

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 on campus and in the Rolla community, the university has implemented a number of changes to its practices for the fall. They include:

Screening students as they arrive on campus and immediately isolating any student with COVID-19 symptoms Requiring students and employees to check their temperature daily, to self-monitor for symptoms, and to report symptoms to Student Health Services at Limiting the number of helpers for students as they move in to their residence halls or other university-approved housing (two helpers per student) Requiring face coverings in classrooms, labs, offices and common areas where social distancing cannot be observed Maintaining social distancing in classrooms, residence halls and buildings across campus Frequent deep cleaning of residence halls, classrooms, labs, dining areas and common areas across campus A combination of in-person, remote and blended or hybrid courses, with in-person classes held in spaces that allow social distancing Encouraging students, faculty and staff to take the Miner Pledge shared commitment “to protect myself, my campus and my community.”

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