The Rolla Mission is unable to accept donated items for the Vintage Market for a short time.

 “Our storage unit is completely full.  I might add, so is my basement and my garage. Thank goodness Investment Realty donated a storage unit so we could begin collecting Vintage Market items. People have always been very supportive of The Rolla Mission and our goals.  But I have never seen anything like this,” Executive Director of the Rolla Mission Ashley Brooks said. 

Volunteers have not been able to organize the storage facility because boxes of items and furniture came in so quickly. Brooks said, normally, when items come in, they are sorted and similar items are boxed together. That way time is saved when setting up the Vintage Market. 

The Rolla Mission and Vintage Market volunteers will work from July 30 to Aug. 2 organizing donated items. For those people who have things to donate, space will be available on Aug. 3.

“We had been told multiple storage units had been used in the past. But this being our first year, I didn’t think we would need a second one this soon. I don’t know when I have been so happy to be wrong,” Brooks said.  “Profound gratitude goes out to those who have already donated and to those waiting patiently.”  

Beginning Aug. 3, people who would like to donate should call The Rolla Mission’s direct line, 573-308-5474, and staff will arrange a time for people to drop off boxes or schedule a pickup for items. 

A couple who contributed to the welcomed overflow was Lisa Bockman Arata and her husband John. 

Arata has been involved with the Vintage Market since its inception, and said she chose The Rolla Mission to be the recipient of all donated items from that move.  Those include a mid-century bedroom set, decorative accessories and housewares.  

“It’s important for me to give back,” Arata said. “The Rolla Mission is such a valuable service. I really appreciate that they try to break the homeless cycle and, in the process, change people’s lives.”  The Arata’s contributions will find new homes and make memories for their new owners.

This is the fourth year for the Vintage Market and the first year for The Rolla Mission to be the recipient of the proceeds.  Creator of the Vintage Market, Linda Carr, said each year the offerings to the Vintage Market have nearly doubled.  Eighteenth century Japanese furniture was donated last year by an Iowa couple.

Carr said, “This year, because of the coronavirus, our planning has been a fluid process.  Like everyone, we must be able to adapt and change quickly.”

“One thing that hasn’t changed is the quality of the donated items. Each year the variety and unusual nature of the pieces only get better.  The Rolla area community is beyond generous,” Carr added. 

The Vintage Market is still tentatively planned for October. Whether that will be changed is still an unknown. Carr said the first concerns must be the volunteers, who set it up and host the Vintage Market, and the customers who attend. 

Antiques, gently used furniture and upscale decorative accessories and housewares, jewelry, a wide variety of original artwork and prints, personal collections and one of a kind items are among the variety that shoppers will find at this year’s market, Carr said.