The Rolla City Council is seeking input from residents on what steps the council should take when council members reconvene to consider the city's COVID-19 regulations.

The city council plans to discuss a draft ordinance that contemplates an extension of the city’s COVID-19 regulations on Monday, Jul 20. The city’s current ordinance expires on Tuesday, July 21, and the city is proposing to maintain current restrictions of masks for personal services and an approved health and safety plan for special events involving city services. The proposed ordinance in the council’s agenda for the July 21 meeting doesn't include additional restrictions. 

The proposed ordinance encourages but doesn’t mandate, safe distancing, extra sanitation efforts and masks. However, Rolla City Administrator John Butz stated in the commentary, “several national retailers with local stores are now requiring masks to be worn by customers. We can presume that non-compliance and requests by private property owners may require police assistance."

Council members plan to use the public input to make the best decision to help the community.

Residents can email all council members at Residents are asked to CC the email they are sending to the secondary email 

The Rolla City Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. on July 20.