Unemployed workers are once again required to perform work search activities to receive unemployment benefits, including the $600 federal supplement through July 25. 

The work search activity requirement set out by law had been previously lifted for residents who had filed a coronavirus-related unemployment claim, according to the Missouri Department of Labor. 

Work search activities are required for programs including regular Unemployment Insurance, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Extended Benefits and Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. 

Individuals are required to complete at least three work search activities each week they make a payment request, unless they are in approved training, have a definite recall date from an employer or are part of a Shared Work Program, the department said.  

Work search activities include accessing and searching for work on MOJobs, participating in a Missouri Job Center workshop, attending a job interview or job fair as well as completing online applications. Individuals who are self-employed and on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program may call on clients, submit bids, submit proposals or attend training to fulfill the requirement.  

For additional information about work search activity requirements, the department encourages claimants to visit labor.mo.gov/required-work-search.

The department said residents should make sure their work search activity record is up to date in uinteract.labor.mo.gov. Individuals can enter their work search activities during the week or when filing their Weekly Request for Payment. Failure to complete three work search activities may result in the termination of benefits, according to the department.