Could taking a knee with deadly force to a Black man’s neck be a white cop’s revenge for kneeling football players. The lengthy painful public murder cannot be ignored by any political party. Representative Jason Smith’s response over the past two weeks has been to co-sponsor Resolution 1007 - “Calling for Justice for George Floyd and Opposing Efforts to Defund the Police” - with no text and no plan. His Capitol Report for June 5 quotes the words of the Reverend Martin Luther King, and then twists Dr. King’s words to blame all protestors for the riot violence – with no mention of the police violence against peaceful protestors – and no mention of the police murders. Smith called for “justice” for 

Mr. Floyd specifically, not to the other men and women killed in traffic stops and swat raids. What does “justice” even mean to Jason Smith and the other 28 Republicans who join him? Mostly law and order political positioning – or only that. No need to separate the blue line into the good and the bad, separate lawful police actions from police crimes, or do the same for protestors. Legitimate law and order would address prosecutorial and police union-supported prejudice and murder. 

Like Mr. Floyd, any American of color knows – whether in cuffs or not, struggling or being weighed down by multiple 100s of pounds, running away fearing for their lives, or home invaded with inaccurate no knock warrant swat – the outcome is often death. That terror - what some whites belittle as “just don’t resist” - is rarely a white experience. Apparently Rep. Jason Smith does not think taking a knee to a Black man’s neck is a worthy of a thoughtful Christian or Congressional response.