Congressman Jason Smith (R-MO) led a group of lawmakers on the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee in calling for China to uphold their agreed upon agricultural purchases from the Phase One Deal. 

Smith in a release today said he wants to ensure that farmers and ranchers continue to remain a priority in the Trump Administration’s negotiations with China. 

“As efforts are underway to recoup economic damages from the coronavirus pandemic, we must ensure that China fulfills their agricultural purchasing commitments in the Phase One deal,” Smith said. “Our farmers and ranchers are suffering heavy losses through disruptions caused by the coronavirus, and even with the tremendous efforts made by the Trump Administration to provide aid to U.S. agriculture during this crisis, America’s farmers need more immediate protection and long-term security. Ensuring China fully complies with their agricultural purchasing commitments will help provide some critical stability to our farmers.”

“Whether it’s through the modernized trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, a new trade agreement with Japan that provides important new market access for many of our farmers, critical support in the face of retaliation, or the historic China Phase One agreement, President Trump is dedicated to protecting American agriculture and expanding global markets for our farmers and ranchers,” added Smith.