Olivia Young, a seventh-grader at Rolla Junior High School, has had her historical family story selected for publication in Grannie Annie, Vol. 15, to be released in May by The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration.

Volume 15 will be published as a paperback book and as a PDF book. In addition, the stories in Volume 15 will be posted on The Grannie Annie's website and shared in social media throughout the year. 

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in St. Louis, The Grannie Annie invites students in U.S. grades 4 through 8, and homeschooled and international students of comparable ages, to write about something interesting they discover from their family's history based on their interviews with older relatives. 

Olivia's story, titled "A New Beginning," is about her grandmother's childhood experience of being sent to an orphanage, which she describes as one of the best things to happen in her life.

The twenty-three stories in Grannie Annie, Vol. 15, represent the 403 submissions received this year from young authors in eight U.S. states and Israel. The published stories, which took place in ten countries on four continents over a span of more than 200 years, include personal accounts of historic events as well as vivid recollections of everyday activities.

"While some stories published by The Grannie Annie are joyful and lighthearted family memories," said Executive Director Connie McIntyre, "others deal with challenges — of war, poverty, prejudice, sometimes even of illness and disease. These are important stories for all of us, including students, especially as together we face the challenges of today's pandemic."

Complete details about The Grannie Annie, as well as all of the stories published throughout the years, can be found at www.TheGrannieAnnie.org. Stories to be considered for publication in Grannie Annie, Vol. 16, must be submitted by Feb. 1, 2021.