The anxiety and uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, has also increased our appreciation for area healthcare workers, who are putting themselves on the front line to protect and treat those in our community.

During National Nurses Week, which runs annually from May 6-12, we should each be reminded to take the time to thank our local nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals. These individuals are working tirelessly and sacrificing so much to help ensure our ongoing health and safety.

Throughout my time as a Registered Nurse and faculty member in WGU Missouri’s College of Health Professions, I have had the privilege to work alongside and train so many of these nurses and healthcare professionals. I have seen firsthand the time, effort and patience needed to succeed in this profession. As we progress toward reopening the state of Missouri in these coming weeks, we should be reminded of the tremendous sacrifices these professionals have made.

For my fellow community members who want to make a difference during these difficult times, start this week by showing your support to your local heroes. The least we can do is reach out and express our gratitude in any way possible.