Rolla businesses must now adhere to guidelines in accordance with the Return to Work Ordinance passed by the Rolla City Council on Monday.

The city of Rolla has designated inspectors charged with regular daily monitoring of businesses and organizations for compliance with the newly adopted ordinance that took effect Tuesday. 

The following is the COVID-19 Business Checklist, inspectors are using for the coronavirus guideline inspections. Anyone with questions should contact the Phelps County Health Department or Rolla City Administration.  

Businesses must follow guidelines set forth in city of Rolla Ordinance No. 4547, and are subject to the following restrictions:

Provide hand-sanitizing stations at entrances and high volume places. Cleaning/Disinfecting schedule or plan of all areas and frequently used electronic equipment.  Screening staff of symptoms and temperature readings. Develop and implement Infectious Disease Preparation and Response Plan. 

Restaurants, Bars, and Retail Food Establishments 

Businesses are encouraged to provide pickup, drive-through or delivery services. 

• Employees who take food orders/serve prepared foods are required to wear a protective mask 

• Seating should be limited to no more than eight individuals of same household. 

• Tables and seating must be arranged to visibly identify at least six feet of separation between any other tables and seating as if occupied. 

• Bars and restaurants with bar facilities shall remove bar stools and bar seating to prevent patrons from gathering and congregating at the bar. 

• Self-serve dining is allowable, if the food is distributed from a dedicated server. 

• No table settings allowed. Disposable menus only and cleaning/sanitizing table between customers 

Personal Service Businesses (tattoo parlors, massage therapy, barbershops, hairdressers, nail salons) 

Businesses are to encourage patrons to wear a protective cloth mask per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. 

• Employees are required to wear a protective mask when interacting with any customer. 

• Businesses shall operate with scheduled appointments only. 

• Lobbies or waiting rooms shall be limited to no more than three people. 

• Facilities, therapeutic chairs or beds, and other shared equipment shall be thoroughly sanitized between patrons. 

Retail, Commercial and Manufacturing Businesses 

• Businesses must ensure there is six feet of social distancing for all employees and customers 

• If the six feet rule of social distancing is not reasonably maintained at all times employees shall either wear a protective mask or be shielded by an installed barrier. 

• Businesses must maintain “Occupancy Limit” at all times.  

The regulations contained in the order are currently in effect through May 31.