Pursuant to Governor Mike Parson's “Show Me Strong Recovery Plan” for safely reopening public spaces in the state, the Phelps County Courthouse is open once again to the public.

Pursuant to Governor Mike Parson’s “Show Me Strong Recovery Plan” for safely reopening public spaces in the state, the Phelps County Courthouse is open once again to the public. 

Many of the in-person proceedings of all circuit courts are suspended through Friday, May 15, Phelps County Clerk Pamela Grow said in a release.  There are some in-person proceedings that are not subject to this suspension.  Anyone with questions should contact the office of 25th Judicial Circuit Clerk Sue Brown at 573-458-6210.

Visitors to the courthouse are urged to continue to observe social distancing guidelines with 6 foot separation from other individuals.  For safety reasons, members of the public who have signs or symptoms of illness, fever over 100.4, or a history of exposure or suspected exposure to the COVID-19 virus, should not enter the courthouse, Grow said in a release on Monday. 

Not all offices are able to admit members of the public at this time, and some offices must limit the numbers of the public within their reception areas due to limited space.  Residents are urged to call ahead to the office they wish to conduct business with:  

Assessor: 458-6135

Circuit Clerk:  458-6210

Collector:  458-6155

Community Service:  458-6069

Coroner:  201-4605

County Clerk:  458-6115

County Commission:  458-6120

Extension Office:  458-6260

Health Department:  458-6010

Juvenile Division:  458-6075

Prosecuting Attorney:  458-6170

Public Administrator:  458-6080

Recorder of Deeds:  458-6095

Road Department:  426-3864

Senior Companions:  458-6180

Treasurer:  458-6130

Main Switchboard Number:  458-6000

For email addresses, please see the county website: www.phelpscounty.org

Meanwhile, Grow provided a notice to Passport applicants

Grow stated, because of the concern regarding the spread of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19, the Phelps County Clerk’s office suspended passport application acceptance on March 19, 2020.  

Passport applications will resume at such time as the following occur:

•Access to the Phelps County Courthouse is no longer restricted but becomes unfettered to the public, and 

•At least one of the following is met:

1.Statewide social distancing measures are no longer in effect 

2.The office of the Phelps County Clerk has been able to procure and install protective shields and obtain personal protective equipment (PPE) to allow staff members to adopt enhanced protective measures while working with passport applicants.

Grow said please do not hesitate to call if you have questions:  573-458-6115.