Although the Census began over a month ago, it is still not too late to participate.

The 2020 Census is still ongoing. By this point, all households in Rolla and Phelps County should have received at least one postcard in the mail to invite them to complete the Census online or by phone. Although the Census began over a month ago, it is still not too late to participate. One can still complete the Census online or by phone. If one did not complete the Census yet, this week your household will be receiving a paper version of the Census to complete and mail back. 

So far, Missouri is ahead of the national average, with about 56.7% of households having already responded. Rolla and Phelps County are at about 51%. The rates should increase once people receive the paper version, as many prefer the paper version to completing online or by phone. 

If your household has not yet received any communications from the Census, you may need to call them or go online. You can still participate if you did not receive a postcard invitation. You can still participate if you are currently homeless. Visit to complete the questionnaire online. Call 844-330-2020 to complete the questionnaire by phone. Visit the Census website for assistance with participating in other languages. 

The Census Bureau has hired many people from this area to assist with non-response enumeration. Between August and October, workers will be attempting to contact any households who have not responded to the Census. Please respond online, by phone, or by mail to reduce the need for the door-to-door enumeration. 

The census questionnaire does not ask any questions about income, citizenship status, religion, or political affiliation. Information is protected by law and cannot be used against you. They do ask for a phone number in case they need to call you with any questions about your responses. The Census Bureau does not request any donation or payment for processing.

The Rolla Public Library will be able to assist anyone who has questions or needs access to a computer once the library reopens.

The Census data is used for a variety of programs and by many private companies. For example, FEMA uses Census data for disaster response. The Covid-19 pandemic is a national disaster. Response to the disaster and funding for recovery is tied to data provided by the Census Bureau. Please do your part to help with disaster response by responding to the 2020 Census.